Diane Nickerson
My name is Chef Diane Nickerson. I have been a chef since 1993 when I graduated from Florida Culinary Institute. As a student there, I competed in many culinary competitions which gained me 1 Gold, 4 Silver and 3 Bronze medals in competition. I also lead a team of fellow students to two national championships in culinary knowledge.

After culinary school I worked in various different types of establishments, to grow as a chef and hone my skills. From Spa Chef, to Corporate Chef for a major food service distributor to Pastry Chef, I have always LOVED what I do. Food brings people together.

I have a degree in The Culinary Arts, but my secret love and passion is baking and pastry, and when I was confronted with the opportunity to teach baking at Florida Culinary Institute, I jumped at the chance. I was honored to be the FIRST alumni they hired to teach there! As an instructor there, I participated in another competition where I and a fellow instructor won silver medals in a team competition. I went on to be published in Vegetarian Times magazine, and wrote a featured article for Pastry Art and Design.

Currently I am a Private Chef and work for a family, and travel with them to their various residences.

Why am I doing this website, you may ask? I have friends and family that always seem interested in “what’s for dinner tonight”, or need advice or suggestions on something they are making. This format allows me to share my advice, recipes, thoughts, pictures and yes, perhaps a bit of music, with all of them and you at the same time. My instructional slideshows all have text underneath each picture as a guide.

I’ve always found, as I stated before, food and drink bring people together, one of the main reasons I became a chef in the first place. I LOVE what I do and can’t wait to share my knowledge, expertise, and recipes with you.

Bon Appetit!

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